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Following a Crown event, Scott in Missouri said “God began to open doors that led to some big changes in our lives. Overall, we have been greatly blessed by the counter-cultural teaching from Crown.”


"I came to grips with the reality that God was the owner of all I had and I was merely a steward of it. Once I got over the initial shock of that truth, I began to see the beauty of it! What a relief to discover I didn’t have to worry about the future anymore! My job and my possessions belonged to him, and since he promised to never leave me or forsake me, what was there to fear?" - Dennis in Arizona, USA

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At a Crown event, you can discover God’s true plan for your finances. Whether it’s learning steps for eliminating debt or developing confidence in your financial decisions, you will leave the event with a personalized plan for managing your finances and your life. Learn more about the types of events Crown offers.


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